Warrior Monitor Speakers
Warrior Monitor Speakers
Warrior Monitor Speakers

Warrior Monitor Speakers

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Small space friendly, even on your desktop!

Each pair is made to order. Lead time of approximately 3 weeks.

These are ideal for smaller spaces and sound best when played at lower volumes, unlike so many other speakers than only come alive when cranked.
There are for music lovers who want to savor the delicacy of the music.

Type: 2-way, rear ported, desktop, bookshelf, or stand mount
Cabinet: Canadian MDF construction
Finish: multiple coats of enamel
Bass driver: 4 inch driver with rubber surround
Tweeter: 3/4" silk dome tweeter
Internal wiring: Unity Solid Link series
Frequency response: within the range of human hearing, down to just above 50hz
Recommended power: less is more, but 50 high current watts would be plenty.
Sensitivity: high enough for normal, everyday listening, high 80s
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 6.5W (front) X 10.5D X 12.5H inches
Weight: 21 pounds/pair