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Inner Soul Tower on Wall Of Sound

User feedback on the Richmond floorstanding speakers:
The most succinct and telling analysis I can offer for the Richmonds is that I forget about them most of the time and just enjoy the music itself. They are not as dynamic as the $30K Acapella horn speakers I listened to at TAVES a year back, nor as captivating in midrange female vocals as the $20K Voxatives at the Vancouver Audio Show this year. Still, for sheer musicality the Richmonds offer an incredible value for the dollars spent.  
I have also noted that treble and bass extension from the Richmonds is very source dependent. A good source (SACD) will be very satisfying at both ends. The midrange though is quite satisfying regardless of the source. 
I wil also be able to offer you a direct comparison a little later with the Rethm Maargas, a used pair of which I just purchased via CAM. I think the Richmonds and the Maargas will form the core of my musical enjoyment for the foreseeable future. - Mateen R, Saskatoon SK

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