About me

My name is Omer Humayun, pictured here with my Dad at the age of 2. I'm a Canadian-born Australian/Pakistani with an educational background of computer science and electronic technology. My passion lies in music, which had me start a DJ service company in 1985. Later on, I naturally branched out into music recording. The company soon migrated into audio retail through a new umbrella called OZ Enterprises and started marketing its own creations in 2005 under the Unity Audio brand. I started with cables, “my labor of love” as I called them, plus the floor-standing Spirit speaker designed to be reasonably priced and very tube friendly”. Then the Whitewater bookshelf speaker was introduced at FSI in Montreal later that spring.

Fast forward to the present, with cable products using solid core copper conductors with plenty of glowing reviews, and the birth a new range of condo friendly loudspeakers using high efficiency full-range drivers made from wood composite fibers.

My recent battle with advanced stage cancer has led me to create a series of products that donate part of the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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