Tri-Art Audio vinyl treatment

Tri-Art Audio vinyl treatment

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This product intended to be used only once per record.
120ml spray bottle will treat MANY records.

Retards the wear and reduces the formation of pops and clicks on used vinyl records. Also repairs/restores damaged/worn records, as long as they're not too far gone, or scratched deeply. Works similar to how wax reduces swirl marks in a car's paint or clear coat.

Not intended to be used on new records, or near-mint records.

How to use:
- dry clean the record with a anti-static brush so that it's free of dust
- cover record label (recommended, but not necessary)
- spray record to "mist" the playing surface, spraying away from the label.
- dab up any excess fluid
- let dry for 3-6 minutes
- gently wipe down the record removing the excess with an anti-static cloth
- drop the needle and enjoy!

If at any time you wish to remove the vinyl treatment simply wash the record with Tri-Art Audio record cleaner.