Tri-Art Audio record cleaning solution
Tri-Art Audio record cleaning solution

Tri-Art Audio record cleaning solution

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The Tri-Art Record Cleaning Solution is a special formulation designed and created by Steve Ginsberg of Tri-Art Audio. The formulation is gentle on records and its low surface tension a small amount of fluid to cover the entire LP side. The fluid has no magnetic material which helps to reduce or even eliminate static charge. Our solution works well with manual record brushes, vacuum record cleaners and ultrasonic record cleaners. Available in various bottle sizes or by the case. The smaller bottles have a white flip top for easy dispensing. Comes with a Child Resistant Container.

Conforms to the following certifications;

ASTM D 4236


We do use alcohol in our solution but it is premixed and not concentrated. It has been harmless to records on Nitty Grtity, VPI and Ultrasonic cleaners etc
We do not recommend nor discourage rinsing, up to the user.

  1. carbon fiber brush the record to remove any dust
  2. apply cleaner either with a goat hair brush, or in a record cleaning machine
  3. clean the record 
  4. dry, either with a lint free cloth, or drying rack
  5. place in new sleeve .

Post rinse is not recommended, as you'd introduce contaminants you just removed. LP Record should never go wet in the sleeve. Do not play wet.