Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables
Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables
Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables
Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables
Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables

Solid Link™ v2 Interconnect Cables

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With so many cable choices on the market today and most having a huge markup, Unity Audio Canada offers you reference quality cables at real world prices. No miracle, snake oil claims to charge you thousands of dollars for a cable. The Solid Link™ have stood the test of time by satisfying the most discriminating music lovers since 2005.

This cable uses a twisted pair of 18awg high purity solid core conductors with a drain wire and foil shield to reject noise. Terminated with Unity RCA connectors with high content silver  solder.


  • High purity solid copper conductors in a twisted pair configuration
  • Shielded with Mylar foil to reject noise
  • Unity RCA connectors with a pure copper center conductor and Teflon insulation
  • Neutrik XLR connectors used on the balanced version
  • Soldered using high content silver solder
  • Outer jacket, available ion different colours, protects the cable from abrasion, and makes it look great! Unless specified by request, red/grey/black will be used.

Hand crafted in Canada

A portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to cancer research.


"Thank you. I received the cables this afternoon. They appear to be very well constructed. I have one end connected to the RCA inputs on my new Riverwood Hudson speaker in my home office. The other ends are plugged into a NAD USB Wireless DAC 2 that connects to its paired device connected to my iMac computer.  I stream through Spotify. I am not an audiophile by any means but I do enjoy excellent sounding music.  I selected a playlist on Spotify called "Audiophile Reference (High Resolution for HiFi)” and played a few selections to test my setup. Very impressive sound all around!  In particular, Bass & Drum Intro by Nils Lofgren sounded spectacular.  I will note, though, that I do have a SONOS system in my living area that consists of 2 Play:1’s and a Sub and playing the same music pieces on the SONOS is outstanding however when I turned off the Sub and just listened to the Play:1’s I would have to admit that the Riverwood Hudson was close to being on par. The Sub, however, really makes a difference.  In the short period of time that I have had to test out this setup I would have to admit that I am rather impressed."
-- Jeff R (Gatineau, Qc) June 2021

"Sometimes, as many do in this hobby, I challenge a given piece of gear in my system with another to see what happens. Part of the disease I suppose. In any event, I wanted to let you know that I challenged a Solid Link V2 I/C with a more expensive I/C, which is an OCC cable, priced over double to that of the Solid Link. I ran it from my valve phono stage, and from my Yamaha T1 tuner. Verdict? Solid Link, hands down. Much more presence, space and depth in my system, and just adds that hint of "retro" sound to the mix that I really enjoy.
So, I acquired another one from Stereo Untypical the other day. I know that the other cables are good quality, but I prefer your solid links.
— Chris B (Victoria, B.C.) February 2019

"I received your Solid-Link cable few days ago and I listened to it for a while today. Straight from the box, without burn-in, without any contact treatment, is already sounding better than my more expensive Litz cables from Germany (one pair x5.5 times more expensive, one pair x7.2 times more). I can hear the low resistance cause it sound louder & more open, I can also hear the magic of solid pure copper core. I hope with some normal break-in (and with my Hagerman burn-in device) and my special two-step contact treatment, it will sound much more transparent and cleaner. I am glad I gave Unity Audio a try, and I wanna let you know I absolutely won't need to return it." — Fat Henry (HongKong) March 2018

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