Cancer Fighter™ SL Biwire Speaker Cables

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Unity Audio’s Cancer Fighter™ SL biwire speaker cable is hand crafted in Canada high purity oxygen free high conductivity solid copper conductors, in a litz configuration to make an aggregate gauge of 9awg for each pole at the amplifier end, and 12awg at the speaker end.

These cables are made to order and take approximately 8 man hours to build.

  • Each conductor is PVC insulated and then covered with a PVC jacket, topped off with a black and silver cotton and polyester sleeve that also prevents abrasion.
  • Connectors supplied are gold bayonet banana plugs or spades which fit all modern posts.
  • Pin connectors can also be supplied at no extra cost.
  • The connectors are cold welded to the cable. This improves the signal flow from component to component.
  • Furutech connectors available as an optional upgrade.