Cancer Fighter digital coax interconnect cable

  • $125.00

This cable is made to order, uses silver plated μ-OFC + Fluoropolymerthe dielectric, and is terminated with Furutech locking RCA connectors. Part of the profits from every sale will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Standard length of 1m. Other lengths available on request.

μ-X Ag is a 19awg 75Ω coaxial digital audio cable. This cable 
As an audio cable you will experience clean mid-range and lively highs. The Silver Plated μ-OFC Conductor wire strands are treated with the Furutech's α(Alpha) process - Deep cryogenic and demagnetization of all metal elements

• Conductor: α(Alpha) Conductor (37pcs/0.16mm)
• Material: Silver Plated μ-OFC
• Insulation: Fluoropolymer + Air Foamed P.E.
• Shield: α(Alpha) Conductor 0.10mm Braid
• Sheath: Flexible PVC
• Characteristic Impedance: 75Ω ± 3Ω
• Max Conductor Resistance: 0.022 Ω/M
• Overall Diameter: 8.0mm (19AWG)

A portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to cancer research.