Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables
Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables
Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables
Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables
Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables

Basic Link Biwire Speaker Cables

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Biwire version!
This product was originally offered in 2005, known as the Monster Link.
Now with a new name, and supporting a great cause - profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society

The Basic Link biwire speaker cable is made in Canada using quality materials such as oxygen free high conductivity stranded copper conductors with a 99.99997% purity, with an aggregate 9 awg (gauge). The twisted quad conductors can carry signal up to 100 feet without degrading, and are further insulated with nylon, and then covered with a PVC jacket, topped off with an aesthetically pleasing cotton mesh sleeve that also prevents abrasion.

Connectors supplied are Deltron style bayonet banana plugs which fit all modern posts, or flexpins (for gear with spring clips). 

These cables are made to order and take approx. 5 hours to complete.

Hand crafted in Canada's capital.

A portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to cancer research.

User comments:
"Sound stage was very broad and deep. Tonality was even and smooth. My initial impressions after a little break in were right on. Bass was full and deep but not boomy, midrange was excellent, high's were nice but didn't have quite the air that my silver coated DH Labs have. Regardless, they were still well balanced with the mids and lows."

"They sound much better than the cables that I was using. I've seen all of the debates about whether cables can improve sound and to be honest, I have no idea whether really expensive cables are better than inexpensive (but well made) cables. This purchase has shown me that these particular cables are much better than the cheap cables that I was using. Moving from 14ga cable to 9ga made a HUGE difference. The highs and lows were better and the sound that had been good already was much clearer. After I'd installed them, my roommate came in and asked if I'd changed something."

"I now own a set of "Links", and "Monsters". I've hooked them up in a bi-amp fashion with my Yammy rxv1500. Wow.....they sound great. I A/B'd them with the link as stand alone cables and will say the bass was very slightly deeper. I also had a friend come over with some MIT and Tara cables. After an A/B session with each used as main cables, we both agreed that we preferred the sound with the Unity Monster cables. Must say, the MIT's sounded very poor on my system. My friend was also surprised because he paid a lot more than I did, but now thinks he may like a set of Unity's himself.

Next test - taking the Unity's to his home to try in his system. He has a full Rotel system, with an amp much superior in sound and power to my own receiver.
These cables are fantastic. Excellent purchase on my part!!!"

"I honestly wasn't expecting to hear any difference since the Unity is basically 2 12awg cables, and that's what my previous cables were. Just got them since they looked nicer and were shorter. After I put them on, I heard a huge difference!!!! Voice more to the forefront, bass was louder, more defined, more articulate. This was not subtle by any means. Rebecca's voice in Spanish Harlem resonated and I could feel it down to my feet. Bass was so much more detailed. On the Train song, the bass was so seductive, it felt organic. Amazing! After I started listening to samples of the rest of my music, I heard things I never heard before. Love it!"

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