August 13, 2018

I actually ended up buying your speaker cables through a local shop, Ash Forest Hi Fi, here in Kingston, Ontario. I’m very happy with the improvement that they’ve made to my system. The sound is noticeably richer overall, and the mids and highs in particular have achieved a more balanced, believable quality. Thank you for producing a solid product that we mere mortals can afford.

Matt S, Kingston, ON


March 26, 2018

I received the cables today, all in good order.  Thank you, very nice craftsmanship.  I will be posting a shout out for you on CAM soon, but in a nutshell, they sound very nice in my system.  One thing that is very important to me is "live venue ambiance or "presence" with my vintage records.  I am always trying to capture that aspect of the performance/recording.  Your cables offer this in spades, nice detail, no brashness or glare, and the hoped for tighter bass response - no bloat at all.   They offer a sort of "refined rawness" if you will that is desirable to me with the vintage recordings.  The IC runs from the valve phono stage to Sugden, so all in all it makes for a really nice analogue listening experience.  The cables, along with their other attributes, are definitely about the mid range, being quite up front and, as said, nicely detailed.  I'm really happy with them, nicely done.

Chris B, Victoria, BC