Inner Soul v3 Monitor Speakers
Inner Soul v3 Monitor Speakers

Inner Soul v3 Monitor Speakers

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Small space friendly speakers for music lovers!

Type: rear ported, single driver, desktop, bookshelf, or stand mount
Cabinet: Canadian wood fiber construction
Finish: real wood veneer
Driver: Variant FR124 manufactured by Airborne for Unity Audio
Internal wiring: Unity Solid Link series
Frequency response: within the range of human hearing, down to the high 40's
Recommended power: 5+ watts
Sensitivity: low 90s
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Dimensions: 7W (front) X 10D X 12H inches
Weight: 21 pounds/pair
Warranty: 10 years, limited

Wall of Sound review:

"Magical little boxes. I have the latest Inner Soul V3 and I am very impressed. There not even fully broken in yet and they sound wonderful. Female vocals are spot on. Bottom end is tight and tuneful thanks to proper placement and stands. I actually prefer the sound of the Inner Souls over the Pro-Ac 1Sc's which I've owned 3 times. Great job Omer. Highly recommended." - Ken T, Orleans, ON.

Comments on the Inner Soul v2:

"I've been listening to the Inner Souls for almost a week now and I have to admit I'm impressed. At first I was hesitant to even give them a try because of the single 4" driver and small footprint. But after a couple of days getting them in the perfect placement all I can say is WOW. My sweet spot is bang on. I've been switching back from vinyl, cd and digital downloads. All formats sound great. It's probably 1 or 2 octaves shy of the bottom end I was looking for but the soundstage and just how much fun they are to listen to makes up for it in spades. Highly recommended." --- Ken from Orleans, ON

"... very surprising... nice image and soundstage, voice is superb... definition is ok and I believe it will improve with time... I'm surprised Omer. Of course, scale isn't there and the bass is on the shy side (compared to Dynaudio C1) but all in all, good... I'll give them some time..." — Louis from QC

.... and on the original version:

"They sound terrific with vocals and saxophone. I'm also surprised at the amount of bass. I'm using just a Musical Paradise MP301 Mk3 to drive them"

"The Inner Soul is the perfect solution for those with small rooms seeking a sensitive speaker to mate with a single ended tube amp.  
Highly recommended, especially for lovers of vocals, piano sonatas, woodwinds and acoustic guitar." —

"Yes, the Model-1’s had more precision and detail, but the Inner Souls had more of the toe-tapping fun factor to them. Not bad for speakers that cost approximately one third of the Totems." —

"Based on reviews, I bought a pair of Tekton Design Lore Reference speakers to go with my Elekit 300B amp. I like the greater highs and lows, but they just don't have that wonderful, addictive mid range of your speakers. So, I'm back to using the Inner Souls"

"I had a customer who brought his Unity Soul speakers here and I auditioned them with the Finale Audio STX-6V6 14wpc power amp and a modified Rotel preamplifier and this combination literally embarrassed some stuff I have heard at 10 grand in a package deal! 

When customers hear your speakers with Finale electronics, they paint a very different picture that the others, trust me, this is a superb match !
Unity speakers are not expensive and are much better than speakers I have heard at 3x their cost.

Hooking them up to competent amplification and sources, these are not surround sound or casual sonic wall-paper speakers, these are for music lovers." —
 Greg @ Passion Fidelity in Guelph, ON

"My compliments to you with this fine design. Indeed, the Inner Soul loudspeakers have a lovely (musical) character to them....Given their relatively small footprint, I have been running them with our SET Artemis SP1 amplifier (300B based).
They certainly play well beyond their respective price point and are a great fit for people that have limitations on the space within their room.  In addition, the nice thing about this design is that they are easy to drive compared to most monitor designs.  I very much like the "purist" approach."

— John @ MKOM, Toronto, ON

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