used Parasound Zamp v3 power amp
used Parasound Zamp v3 power amp

used Parasound Zamp v3 power amp

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Includes power cable.

Product Details

Current capacity:
12 amperes peak per channel
• 45 watts per channel into 8 Ω
• 60 watts per channel into 4 Ω
• 90 watts bridged into 8 Ω mono
• Fully discrete circuitry with Toroid power transformer
• Low heat design
• Headphone jack
• Indicators for AC present and channel operating status
• Automatic on/off by 9 - 12 V trigger
• Gold-plated RCA input jacks and looping line output jacks
• 5-way speaker terminals
• Compact chassis; 1 rack space high

"A Way Overachieving Amp"

Parasound has introduced a more powerful version of its ultra-compact Zamp zone amplifier for use in custom installations and compact audio systems. The Parasound Zamp v.3 is a stereo power amplifier capable of 45 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, making it 50% more powerful and much cooler running than its popular predecessor, the Zamp v.2.

The Zamp won "Product of the Year" honors for 2009 from Positive Feedback Online. "In its third iteration of refinement, it’s a stone winner," raves Max Dudious.

"I'm taken with its size, its sound, and that the closest product to its size I could find was a (much wider) $1,700 Bryston amp," notes Max Dudious in his April 17, 2009 review for Positive Feedback. "It is a way overachieving amp at a ridiculously attractive price. That ranks it about an A in my rating scheme."

"It Sounds No Different from $9,000 Amplifiers"

"The Parasound Zamp v.3 is one helluva 45-watt amplifier, regardless of price tag and chassis size," reports the May 8, 2005 review in The Audio Critic. "Just because it's small and cute and cuddly, just because it costs only $299, it sounds no different from $9,000 amplifiers that have comparable power outputs… That the price and the size are remarkably small is an aspect of comparison shopping, not of audio performance."

Perfect for Compact Systems

"Designed to slip nicely in your custom equipment rack, Parasound's Zamp v.3 stereo amplifier is only 1-3/4" tall, taking up just one rack space," reports the October 2004 issue of Sound & Vision magazine.

Like all Parasound Z-series components, Zamp uses a standardized "half-width" rack-mount chassis that is just 1 rack space (1-3/4 inches) tall and 9-1/2 inches wide, half the width of a conventional audio component. This size is perfect for a compact bookshelf audio system or two-abreast in a standard 19-inch professional equipment rack.

The amplifier's small size also makes it ideal for unconventional and space-limited applications, including multi-room / multi-zone installations, PC and desktop audio, and bedroom or den stereo systems. This product is truly a custom installation problem solver.