Tri-Art Audio bamboo spike cups, set of 4

Tri-Art Audio bamboo spike cups, set of 4

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  • Set of 4
  • Bamboo Cups for Equipment Isolation
  • Aids in the Distribution of Compressed Air
  • Dampens Vibrations

What is the purpose of spike cups? For most consumers, spike cups are a way to avoid damaging your floor. However, many popular brands use rubber, plastic or vinyl to protect your floor and they can leave residue. Experienced audiophiles know that these devices sacrifice sound quality to protect your floor. Tri-Art offers you the best of both worlds, sound engineering to efficiently transmit energy (vibrations) away from your equipment and the natural isolation and sound properties of bamboo.

The design is the key. Bamboo has excellent transmission qualities that allows it to dissipate energy quickly away from the spiked product. The spike cups are cut in a deliberate cross pattern to transfer the energy to the floor. The spike has a very small resonance point and combined with the natural acoustic properties of bamboo, impart a natural and warm sound all while protecting your floor.

The art of sound performance enhancing products. Tri-Art Audio believes firmly in the sound properties of bamboo. Bamboo is a very fast material, with varying degrees of density. It imparts a natural sound, free of artificial or dulling sound artifacts. It will enhance your speaker performance not degrade it. It will still protect your floor from the speaker spikes.